Dudao angled cable AUX mini jack 3.5mm cable 1m black (L11 white)


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Do you have great music on your phone or tablet that you want to play on the tower or from the audio system in the car, but you cannot record it on a CD at the moment, and your audio equipment does not have a USB plug for a flash drive? Now that’s not a problem anymore! All you need to do is get the AUX mini jack audio cable and you will be able to listen to your favorite music from the audio equipment at home or via the radio in your car! Its operation is very simple, connect one of the terminals to the headphone port on your phone, and the other to the AUX plug on the tower or the radio. And now! All you have to do is press the “Play” button in the music program and you will hear it better than you would listen to it from the speaker built into your smartphone. The manufacturer of this gadget, the Dudao company, constructed it from strong and durable materials. The cable itself is covered with a damage-resistant rubber insulation layer. This simple device will be useful to anyone who likes to listen to music!

  • High-quality AUX mini jack audio cable from Dudao
  • It is used to connect a phone, tablet or computer to e.g. a tower or car radio with the AUX port
  • The housing is made of durable aluminum, the cable is covered with a resistant rubber insulation layer
  • Cable length: 1m
  • Connector Type: 2 x mini jack (male)

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