Joyroom in-ear earphones 3.5mm mini jack with remote and microphone black (JR-EL112)


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oyroom in-ear earphones 3.5mm mini jack with remote and microphone (JR-EL112)

If you value perfect quality of sound and original design of earphones, this Joyroom product is just made for you. A standard structure based on a suitable-length cable will let you enjoy music, regardless of whether your device is in the pocket, handbag or backpack. Additionally the earphones are available in the interesting shape of a seashell, which strengthens their unique looks.


  • Brand: Joyroom
  • Type: Wired earphones in the shape of seashell
  • Cable length: 1,2 m
  • Type of microphone: capacitor
  • Sensitivity: 90 +/- 3dB
  • Maximum power: 3MW
  • Frequency: 20Hz~20kHZ

Content of the set:

  • 1x Earphones in the shape of seashell on the cable

Major features:

  • Attractive design in the shape of seashell
  • Classic wired solution
  • Remote control for earphones
  • Perfect music experience
  • Long cable for convenient use

High quality of sound

Listening to music with one’s earphones on should guarantee pleasure. Thanks to Joyroom, you can enjoy perfect quality, sound and bass. The earphones have been designed in a way that you can also answer incoming calls while listening to music. Having phone calls is convenient and the microphone is hidden in the remote control on the cable.

Interesting design and well-adapted earphones

Joyroom earphones are available in an interesting design which resembles a seashell. A modern design does not have a negative impact on comfort of use, but stresses the unique nature of the model. Each earphone perfectly adheres to the ear and, if necessary, you can feel free to adjust them via specially designed pads. This way you come into possession of a unique gadget. The advantage of this wired model is the fact that you don’t need to charge the product all the time.

Earphones suited to your needs

If you are looking for earphones which guarantee very good quality of sound and let you have phone calls, Joyroom offer is designed for you. A discreet remote control with a key and microphone, hidden on the cable, substantially raise comfort. Additionally the remote control gives you power to control the talk, that is answer and end calls.

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