Proda Kamen in-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones with neckband black (PD-BN200 black)


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Proda Kamen in-ear wireless Bluetooth neckband headphones

Proda Kamen are wireless in-ear headphones with which you will get to know the convenience of listening to music without tangling cables. When you put them on your ears, you’ll find out what great sound quality is. The Bluetooth module is responsible for the great quality of the transmitted music.

Exceptional convenience

The ergonomic design of the plugs precisely reflects the geometry of the ear, and thus makes the headphones fit it better than standard round accessories. Even after a few hours of use, you can still fully enjoy your favorite music without sore and tired ears.

Comfortable neckband

Made of flexible TPE, the neck holder is an additional guarantee that you will not lose or damage the headphones, even during intense traffic. The cord runs along the headband, so there’s virtually no chance of it catching on anything. Instead of worrying about annoying cables, you can fully focus on running, cycling, gym training or the fun of just walking.

Sound as clear as a tear

The design of the headphones and the appropriate balance of their sound brought the expected benefit in the form of a clean and more spatial sound, both in the case of low and high tones.

Built-in magnets

Thanks to the built-in magnets, unused equipment can be conveniently hung around your neck. That way, it will always be at hand whenever you want to get back to your top songs. No annoying stuffing in pockets, no tangled cable or the risk of losing an accessory

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