Proda Xunshen Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker FM Radio and Alarm Clock + Micro SD / USB / AUX Card Reader Black (PD-S500 black)


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Proda Xunshen Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with USB / AUX Watch, FM Radio and Alarm Clock + Micro SD Card Reader

Do you have a problem with getting up in the morning? Make sure that each morning wakes you up with the music you like. The multifunctional and wireless stereo speaker will help you with this. Connect it to your phone, laptop or other device via Bluetooth or AUX cable and start your day accompanied by thrilling rhythms or daily radio news.

Listen to music via Bluetooth, AUX cable or micro SD card

This device will allow you to enjoy music and listen to recordings of your favorite books or radio stations wherever you are. Aesthetic and functional loudspeaker with an alarm clock is compatible with any device equipped with a Bluetooth wireless connection. Listen to the music from your collection, which you collect on your smartphone or laptop whenever you feel like it. The loudspeaker also has an SD card reader, from which you can play music on it.

Practical phone holder

The watch can also be used as a holder / stand for a phone. Thanks to this feature, you can put the phone in the same place every day before going to sleep, and the next morning you will stop looking for it as before. This feature will also come in handy when you turn on a movie on your phone. You will be able to watch your favorite series more comfortably and with better sound than from small speakers built into the phone. The stand is designed for phones with a maximum thickness of 10mm (thickness from the case).

Power supply from the socket

For the watch to work, connect it to an electrical outlet in the place that suits you best. You can use the charger from the phone you already have (the alarm clock has a built-in micro USB charging port). In addition, it has a built-in battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh, thanks to which you can put it wherever you want. The set includes a micro USB cable with a length of 50 cm. Speaker dimensions: 21 x 12 x 9 cm.

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