Ugreen cable HDMI 2.0 cable 4K 60 Hz 3D 18 Gbps 1.5 m black (HD101 10128)


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Ugreen cable HDMI 2.0 cable 4K 60 Hz 3D 18 Gbps 1.5 m HD101

To enjoy the best picture and sound quality on your TV, it is worth buying a high-quality HDMI cable . The cable produced by the Ugreen company gives you a guarantee that the movies you watch on your TV will have bright and vivid colors, and the sound will be clear and noise-free. It was produced in the OFC technology, i.e. the best oxygen-free copper. This guarantees better data transmission, even over longer distances. Audio and video are sent without compression, with the highest quality. Perfect for connecting a TV set, DVD player, Blue-Ray, receiver, projector.

Enter the world of stunning images that will stimulate your senses

Your TV set is your gateway to the world of entertainment

Connect your console to the TV set and let yourself be immersed in exciting gameplay.

Use the projector’s potential

Connect your computer to the projector and conduct clear multimedia presentations.

Two working modes, image cloning or desktop extension

  • Image cloning. Share a screen from your computer to a TV or projector.
  • Desktop extension. Use the second monitor to increase the working area.

Be amazed by the brilliant special effects

Watch movies in 4K and 3D on your TV screen. Feel like in the cinema.

HDR image

The wide tonal range mode, or HDR (High Dynamic Range), allows you to display an image that is richer in detail and delights with its naturalness.

Smooth picture without stuttering thanks to 60 Hz refresh rate

Videos watched at 60 frames per second are much less tiring for the eyes.

Perfect picture and sound synchronization

The picture and sound are automatically synchronized and you do not need to manually adjust them.

Double layer of shielding

The double-shielded cable is a guarantee that the signal from the source to the receiver will go uninterrupted.

Gold-plated plugs

Gold-plated connectors guarantee a stable image. They are corrosion resistant.

Solid material that does not deform

The cable retains its original shape even after a long time of use.


  • Brand: Ugreen
  • Cable length: 1.5 m
  • HDMI standard: 2.0 with backward compatibility
  • Material: zinc alloy, PVC
  • Core composition: 99.9% pure copper (OFC)
  • Shielded cable
  • Number of pins: 19 + 1
  • Color depth up to 48 bit
  • 4K @ 60 Hz
  • 3D, HDR support
  • Data transfer: 18 Gbps

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